National Day at Al Ain Academy

You are on a mission. Each QR code that you scan will take you to a different activity or task linked to the four themes of National Day. Your final goal is to create a SparkVideo cataloguing your acheivements at each stage and highlighting your learning around these themes.

Each project will be different depending on the order and number of QR codes you come across and how you choose to tackle the challenge given to you. Ultimately, we are looking to showcase the best and celebrate what you have learnt along the way.


World of Opportunities

Arabic Myths and Legends

Heroes and Heroines

Women in Writing and Creative Arts

Universe in Motion

Expo 2020 and UAE Megastructures

Ask Hazza Al Mansouri

UAE Innovators

Innovations in the UAE

Innovative Interviews

Sustainable Planet

Save the Oryx

Sustainable Schools: Al Ain Academy’s proposal

Sustainability for Kids!

The Legacy of the UAE

Founding Father

Poetry: What If

Then and Now

History of the UAE

English and Arabic Roots

Picture Hunt




Success Criteria for your SparkVideo:

  • You must have a clear opening title page thematically linked to the UAE National Day.
  • Make sure you have titles for your sub-sections and credits at the end for everybody who took part.
  • A range of videos and pictures with everybody in your group contributing either on screen or verbally in voiceovers.
  • Keep it professional and re-record your sound if necessary.
  • Make sure you save your video with ‘National Day 2019 – full names of those in your group’ then drop this into the FE app to share on the school network.

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