The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

A fully annotated copy of the short story 'The Story of an Hour' by Kate Chopin to support the teaching of Edexcel IGCSE English Language Poetry & Prose Anthology. This can also be used to guide the teaching of this prose text as a coursework element.

Protected: Edexcel IGCSE English Literature: Poetry & Prose Coursework

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Exemplar Essay: How does Dickens present Pip’s characterisation throughout ‘Great Expectations’?

Initially, Pip is depicted as the most vulnerable, timid and wildly imaginative characters in the serialized Bildungsroman ‘Great Expectations’. The analytical retrospective narrative of young “childish” p.4 Pip from that of his older, experienced self, offers a unique perspective into his emotions as well as acting as a quasi-autobiographical parallel to Dickens’ own experiences. Written [...]

Essay Plan: How does Dickens explore Pip’s characterisation throughout ‘Great Expectations’?

Link to previous work and extracts on: Young Pip Transition points: Pip begins his journey as a gentleman London and Pip’s new life Returning to the Forge & Satis House Cyclical plot structure – back to the marshes and young Pip. Reconciliation and resolution. Revise use of serialisation in the novel for effect.   Start [...]

Presentation of Memory in Material and Effects ‘Poems of the Decade’ Anthology

Presentation of Memory in Material and Effects ‘Poems of the Decade’ Anthology

How is Memory presented in the Anthology Poems of the Decade?   Ros Barber’s ‘Material’ and Alan Jenkins ‘Effects’ both present memory through a speaker looking back on their childhood and their relationship with their parents; because each poem uses this mix of retrospection, introspection, and comparison with the present, their structure as well as [...]

‘Progress Packs’ and How We Use Them

‘Progress Packs’ and How We Use Them

In 2013 I started as an NQT in a new-build academy in a largely young and adventurous English department. Much of my practice was shaped by my time there and one of the best creations which I have taken to other schools has been our ‘Progress Pack’. A somewhat gimmicky title coined by my HOD [...]