Universe in Motion: Innovative Interviews

Interview Task Create an interview with a member of staff or another student (innovators) What Emirati innovations or innovators do you admire?   Potential questions and prompts for your SparkVideos: Good morning, we are joined by... Can you please state your role in the school? How long have you been living in the UAE? During that... Continue Reading →

Universe in Motion: Expo 2020

Look at the megastructures being built at the moment. Record a video or voiceover presentation based on your research into Expo 2020 or buildings in the UAE for your #NationalDay SparkVideo. In your video consider the following criteria for your production: Briefly explain the Expo and megastructures How will it change people’s lives or futures?... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: Founding Father

Active Mission: You can use the internet to look up any famous/inspirational quotes by the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed, regarding his hopes and aspirations for the UAE. Alternatively, visit Ms Husein and use the book below as part of your project. Select between 1-2 quotations to explore in more detail. Take... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: Culture and Identity

Active Mission: Look at the images below of items that represent a strong part of the UAE’s history, culture and identity. Film yourselves speaking about the images or film yourselves interviewing a parent/teacher about their expertise on the subject. In your interviews or voiceovers of images cover the following areas: Name of what you see... Continue Reading →

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