Legacy of the UAE: What If

Read the poem below and record a voiceover or film yourselves speaking about what you think the main message of the poem is. In your recordings cover the following areas:

  • Read the poem out loud
  • Why is December 2nd, 1971 a significant date?
  • What changes have taken place in the UAE since then?
  • Have the changes been positive, negative or both? Give examples from the poem to support your answer.



What if…

I often sit and wonder how many remember,

What our land was like before 1971, 2nd of December,

Before we had all these buildings so big and tall,

Where palm trees stood majestic instead of a mall.


I also often sit and wonder about before the oil,

When all our elders in the heat had to daily toil.

Before all the trucks and massive construction,

Has all of this led to our identity’s destruction?


Now I sit and often wonder about the road ahead,

When the oil has gone and we need something else instead.




Adapted from an original poem by Muhammed Nanabhay

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