Legacy of the UAE: Founding Father

Active Mission:

You can use the internet to look up any famous/inspirational quotes by the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed, regarding his hopes and aspirations for the UAE. Alternatively, visit Ms Husein and use the book below as part of your project. Select between 1-2 quotations to explore in more detail. Take a picture of the quotes and complete a voiceover, or film a few seconds speaking about your selected quotations. You should mention the following things:

  • The title of the section the quote is taken from i.e. ‘Women’ or ‘The UAE formation and achievements.’
  • Read out the full quotation (either in English only or in Arabic and English.)
  • In relation to your chosen quote(s), explain to what extent the hopes and dreams of Sheikh Zayed have become a reality in the past 48 years. Depending on the chosen quote(s) you may wish to talk about aspects of Emirati culture and society that have either changed or stayed the same by comparing the past with the present.


Founding Father


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