Universe in Motion: Expo 2020

Look at the megastructures being built at the moment. Record a video or voiceover presentation based on your research into Expo 2020 or buildings in the UAE for your #NationalDay SparkVideo. In your video consider the following criteria for your production: Briefly explain the Expo and megastructures How will it change people’s lives or futures?... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: Culture and Identity

Active Mission: Look at the images below of items that represent a strong part of the UAE’s history, culture and identity. Film yourselves speaking about the images or film yourselves interviewing a parent/teacher about their expertise on the subject. In your interviews or voiceovers of images cover the following areas: Name of what you see... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Planet: Protect the Oryx

Go to the library and delve into the book, “Back to the Wild”. Read about the UAE’s efforts to reintroduce this endangered animal back to the wild. Make a video, considering the following points: Why is it important for sustainability to protect animal species? What are the opinions of prominent Emiratis about protecting animals? A... Continue Reading →

National Day at Al Ain Academy

You are on a mission. Each QR code that you scan will take you to a different activity or task linked to the four themes of National Day. Your final goal is to create a SparkVideo cataloguing your acheivements at each stage and highlighting your learning around these themes. Each project will be different depending... Continue Reading →

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