Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Title Analysis: Robert Burns ‘To a Mouse’

Context Carousel: The American Dream FactFile

Context Carousel: The Great Depression FactFile

Key Quotations

Stretch & Challenge: Aristotle’s ‘Three Types of Friendship’



‘Of Mice and Men’ Key Vocabulary
Socio-political Text’s comments on the social and political era it is written in
Novella A small novel dealing with important themes
Discrimination Poor treatment of others
Superiority Positive: sense of authority and respect. Negative: Behaving as if better than another
Isolation Condition of being alone and separated
Pastoral Natural and idyllic environment
Idyllic A blissful paradise. A perfect environment
Animalistic Having characteristics or behaviours which are likened to an animal
Parochial society A narrow-minded or close-minded community. I.e. racist 1930s America
Injustice Lack of fairness and equality
Fear & Hope Being scared & Expectation or anticipation for the future
Foreshadowing Technique of hinting to the reader what is to come later in the text
Dramatic Irony The reader knows facts or events before the characters are aware in the text. Good for building tension
Camaraderie Sense of togetherness and friendship during times of difficulty
Weakness Vulnerable and in need of protection. Lacking in strength
Cyclical Plot Where a text begins and ends in the same place. Both ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ have cyclical plots
 Disparity A vast difference
Plight Tremendous suffering
Euthanasia The painless killing of something suffering or in pain
Misogyny The hatred and poor treatment of women
Abuse Treat with cruelty or violence regularly or repeatedly
Literary Allusions References to other literary texts or quotes
Single-minded Concentrating only on one aim. (determined)
Cruelty Behaviour which causes physical or emotional harm to another
Poignant Evoking a keen sense of sadness and regret
Loneliness A lack of friends or company that can lead to sadness and depression. Sense of isolation
Authorial context Information about the era an author lived in which affects his writing, message and plot
Inevitable Unavoidable set of events that will take place