War Horse

A compendium of useful links, exemplar material, resources and home learning for Michael Morpurgo’s novella War Horse:

War Horse: Knowledge Organiser

Listen to the story of War Horse

War Horse: Tier 2 Vocabulary

War Horse: Vocabulary Review

War Horse: Vocabulary Week 4 Practice

Key Quotations by Character

Key Quotations by Theme

War Horse: Exemplar Analysis Conflict

War Horse Animation

Homework Study Schedule

Week 1:

Complete ‘Context Map’ of World War One or a www.thinglink.com/, selecting four of any of the following areas:


WW1 origins

Messenger Animals

Animals in Warfare

Experiences in the Trenches

Experiences of Civilians in War

Writers in the War: Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon

Learn week 1 spellings and definitions of Tier 2 vocabulary

Week 2:

Read War Horse Chapters 1-4
Questions Chapter 1:


1. In what perspective is the story told and why is this significant?

2. After reading Chapter 1, name and describe the main characters.

3. How does Joey feel about Albert? Give evidence to support your answer

4. Why did Joey say that he would not call her owner, “Master”?

Learn week 2 spellings and definitions of Tier 2 vocabulary

Week 3:

Read War Horse Chapters 5-12
Questions Chapter 4:


1.Why did Albert’s father sell Joey to the Army?

2. What did Albert offer Captain Nicholls once he realized his father had sold Joey?

3. What did Captain Nicholls promise Albert?


Questions Chapter 7:

4. Describe Trooper Warren. Is he a good horseman? Why or why not?

5. How is Trooper Warren while “out of the saddle”?

6. Who is Sally that is mentioned in Trooper Warrens letters from his mother?

Learn week 3 spellings and definitions of Tier 2 vocabulary

Week 4:

Read War Horse Chapters 13-17
Questions Chapter 13:


1. Who is “Crazy Old Friedrich”?

2. Why is it significant that we see a German perspective in the novel too?


Questions Chapter 17:

1. Describe the Sergeant using quotations and his first impression of Joey.

2. Albert joined the Veterinary Corps just on the off chance that he may come across his Joey again. How did Albert and Joey react when they stood face to face once again?

Learn week 4 spellings and definitions of Tier 2 vocabulary


War Horse Vocabulary Week 4 Practice using Quizizz

Week 5:

Revise using your Knowledge Organiser to self-quiz on context, content and concepts
Read War Horse Chapters 18-21
Questions Chapter 19:


1. What is meant by convalescence?

2. What happened to David? How does Albert react?

3. What does this reveal about Soldier’s lives after they return from war?


Questions Chapter 21:

1.        What happened to Emilie and her Grandfather?

2.        Why do you think that the book was written from the horse’s point of view?

3.        Joey had relationships with several people in the book – Albert, Captain Nicholls, Warren, and Emile. Joey was a confidant to these people. Why do you think that it was so easy for these people to talk to Joey so openly? In what way was this comforting to them?

Learn spellings and definitions of Tier 3 vocabulary