Post-16 Support

A compendium of useful links to help you on your journey through Post-16, applying for Universities around the world and Careers:

British Curriculum

American Curriculum

UAE Curriculum

Around the World

Worldwide Sholarship Portal

World University Rankings

Studying in Europe:

Times Higher Education Ranking – Best European Universities

Study in Europe 2021: Deadlines

EUNICAS European Universities Central Application Support Service.

How to complete a Shengen Visa

Key Application Deadlines for European Universities

Scholarships in Italy

How to apply for a University in Poland

How to apply for a University in Hungary

How to apply for a University in Austria

How to apply for a University in Greece

Find your programme and Filter based on course, geography and language of instruction:

Search for course in English throughout Europe, Australia and Asia

Study in Austria

Study in Denmark

Study in Sweden

Studying in Canada:

Studying in Canada

Scholarships in Canada

Step-by-Step in Applying for McGill

Internationally Educated Students Requirements for Ryerson

Exploring Major and Minor Routes

Studying in Asia and Australia:

Studying in South Korea: The University System Explained

Study Overseas: Universities in Australia

Study Australia Government Campus Maps and Universities


Virtual Tours and Open Days at Universities

Opportunities: Volunteering and Work Experience

Requirements for Veterinary Sciences

Making Informed Choices for Careers and Futures

Pursuing Careers in different Job Sectors

Pathfinder: Take this Quiz to help determine Careers pathways

Careers A-Z: Find your Perfect Job

Bolstering your subject knowledge and your resume with these choices of summer programs for competitive universities

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