Purple Hibiscus: Low-stakes Revision Quizzing

Purple Hibiscus: Low-stakes Revision Quizzing for A-level Examinations

Week 1:

Explain the quotation: You must include consideration of characterisation, themes, structure of the novel, context and offer one other linking quote.

  1. “I wished Amaka would keep her voice low. I was not used to this king of conversation at the table.” p.97
  2. “She said ‘teenagers’ as if she were not one, as if teenagers were a brand of people who, by not listening to culturally conscious music, were a step beneath her.” p.118
  3. “Do you think we’re abnormal?’ I asked in a whisper.” p.151
  4. “Perhaps we all changed after Nsukka – even Papa – and things were destined to not be the same, to not be in their original order.” p.209
  5. “Those shoulders that bloomed in Nsukka, that grew wide and capable, have sagged in the thirty-one months that he has been here.” p.300

Bonus point: What is the linking factor between all of these quotations?

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