Sustainable Planet: Sustainability for Kids

It is essential to teach young children about the importance of sustainability. Have a look at the children’s books in the library, ‘Why should I protect nature?’ and ‘Why should I save energy?’ and ‘Why should I save water?’ Complete the activities below (or think of your own) to film in order to teach young children about the importance of sustainability. Keep the younger primary classes, or your own brothers and sisters, in mind when you are doing this:

  • Complete an imaginative reading of one of the books for young children.
  • Create a ‘top tips’ way of easily being more sustainable at home
  • Design a poster/poem/short story/lesson/display about an aspect of sustainability important in the UAE and aim it at young children. Make a film of your final product.
  • Don’t forget: link this to the Legacy of the UAE in your voiceover or footage. The UAE is home to some of the biggest solar panel farms and desalination plants in the world. What does the future look like for these energy sources and why is it important that the UAE lead this change?

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