World of Opportunities: UAE Innovators


Research Task

Your task is to research different Emirati innovators in a range of fields including electronics, literature, agriculture, aviation and space exploration! Record a video voiceover presentation based on the information from the table in your #NationalDay SparkVideo

Answer the following questions based on your selected innovator:


Other interests Personality Traits: What makes them stand out?


Potential pressures or difficulties they woud have faced

Interesting quote about them / from them

Field of Study Influences

What skills would be required in this field?


Choose your innovator!

Dubai Abulhoul: Emirati Writer

National Day - Dubai Abdulhoul.jpg

Read: 100 Smartest people in the UAE



Qais Sedki: I.T. expert, Emirati Manga author

National Day - Qais Sedki

Read: Interview with Qais Sedki

Read: IT Expert Pens UAE’s First Manga Novel



Hazza Al Mansouri: Jet Pilot, Astronaut, Campaigner for the Environment

Hazza Almansoori-1

Read: Inspiring the next generation

Read: Talking about dreams, fame and overcoming anxiety



Mariam AlMansouri: Degree in English Literature: Jet Fighter Pilot

National Day - Mariam Al Mansouri.jpg

Read: 100 smartest people in the UAE




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