Tier 2 Vocabulary

Tier 2 Vocabulary

A compendium of all the Tier 2 vocabulary lists for English Literature, Language and ESL Blog Posts: Embedding Vocabulary into the Curriculum: Romeo and Juliet Word of the Week: Case Studies   Key Stage 3 War Horse: Tier 2 Vocabulary   GCSE: Of Mice and Men: Tier 2 Vocabulary Great Expectations: Tier 2 Vocabulary Edexcel [...]

Writing from a Viewpoint: Homework Study Schedule

Year 8 Writing from a Viewpoint: Homework study schedule Week 1: Select and complete a worksheet on Logos or Pathos Re-read your Knowledge Organiser and ensure you are confident of the techniques outlined in Ethos, Logos and Pathos by Aristotle. Learn week 1 spellings and definitions of Tier 2 vocabulary   Week 2: Reading the [...]

Edexcel Non-Fiction: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Important vocabulary for approaching the Edexcel iGCSE Non-Fiction unit. Arabic translations included for English Language Learners     Vocabulary Translation Definition 1 Climax ذروة The point where tension and drama is at its highest in an extract 2 Exposition معرض Detailed description (of a setting) at the beginning of a narrative 3 Memoir مذكرات A [...]