To Kill a Mockingbird


Social and Historical Context 

Context & Allusion

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Home Learning:

Each home learning task consists of a Part A and Part B essay question. Part A will be extract based, using the short section given from the text. Part B will be linked to a corresponding theme but will look at the novel in its entirety. Students will be expected to complete both Part A & B each week.

CommonLit: The Scottsboro Boys

Home Learning – No. 1

Home Learning – No. 2

Home Learning – No. 3

Home Learning – No. 4

Home Learning – No. 5


Quotation Retention Challenge



Vocabulary – Chapter 1

Vocabulary – Chapter 2

Vocabulary – Chapter 3

Vocabulary – Chapter 4

Vocabulary – Chapter 5

Extract Carousel 

11. Mad Dog - Support

To Kill a Mockingbird: Themes of Education

To Kill a Mockingbird – WAGOLL Exemplar for DIRT

Critical Theory – ‘The Other’

Minor Characters List – Weaker 

Rhetoric Smackdown – Finch vs. Ewell


Mayella Ewell Character Grid

Atticus Characterisation Essay Prep Plan


To Kill a Mockingbird – Revision with indicative content and exemplar planning

To Kill a Mockingbird – Revision O’Clock