War Horse: Conflict Analysis

Exemplar analysis of the theme of Conflict within the novella War Horse. Evaluated for strengths and weaknesses

Frankenstein: The Importance of Procreation

Plan for thematic analysis of Procreation in Frankenstein with a comparison to The Handmaid's Tale. Creation of Life: Traditional parent and child imagery Gothic Doubling: Relationships tied together through birth and death as well as suicide Power: God and the Creator figure. Transgression of the moral, natural and social order in both texts Power: Agency [...]

Unseen Poetry: Terminology

Important terminology for approaching the Edexcel iGCSE Unseen Poetry part of the exam. Arabic translations included for English Language Learners.     Vocabulary   Definition 1 Simile التشبيه في علم بلاغة When something is compared to another using ‘like’ or ‘as’ 2 Metaphor تشابه مستعار When something is compared to another through description as if [...]

ESL Resources by Topic: Living Cultures

ESL Resources by Topic: Living Cultures

ESL Living Cultures Week 4 Vocabulary Quizizz Morning Routine Video Quiz Vocabulary Translation Definition 1 Commissioned (adj.) بتكليف Producing speciality pieces (usually art) to order 2 Communal (adj.) عمومي Shared by all members of a community; for common use 3 Contributed (v.) يساهم Give  something (money or ideas) in order to help achieve or provide [...]

War Horse: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Tier 2 Vocabulary to support the teaching and learning of War Horse. Arabic translations are also included to support ESL and EAL students. Divided into groups of ten for weekly spelling and revision.   Vocabulary Translation Definition 1 Conflict نزاع A clash or disagreement that often leads to damaged relationships or violence 2 Camaraderie   [...]