Creative Writing: Dystopian Narratives

A short unit dedicated to Dystopian Literature; applying analytical skills to extracts from Dystopian texts then using them as stimulus for re-creative writing of the same genre. What makes good descriptive writing? Creative Writing - Knowledge OrganiserDownload Creative Writing Knowledge Organiser @awaken_english Our concept board for scintillating sentences Student Exemplars Dystopian Creative Writing: The [...]

How is Race and Characterisation of Othello Presented?

How is Race and Characterisation of Othello Presented?

  The characterisation of Othello was presented through the dominant ideology of the predilection, prejudice and paragon image of race. The portrayal of the eponymous character in the play was stereotypically insinuated to be savage, violent and aggressive; however, was based on falsehood in order to expose Iago’s duplicitous character and ultimately Othello’s hamartia.   [...]

Exemplar Character Analysis: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

Bob Ewell Characterisation: Bob Ewell is presented by Harper Lee as abusive and dichotomously, both uneducated and revealing an innate sense of superiority which is borne from “his skin was white.” As the “little bantam cock of a man rose and strutted to the stand” p.187 Harper Lee highlights her socio-political critique of the parochial [...]

Word of the Week

We have been introducing to our students since the beginning of the year. It builds into our formative knowledge curriculum and the importance of explicitly teaching vocabulary exploration; as @Doug_Lemov describes it in 'Reading Reconsidered': “making a case study out of certain words and their application.” Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week [...]