Romeo & Juliet: Thematic Quotation Displays

Display material for major themes addressed in the play Romeo and Juliet grouping key scenes and quotations   Light and dark imagery: Love vs. hate: Nature: Destiny: Familial conflict:

‘Progress Packs’ and How We Use Them

‘Progress Packs’ and How We Use Them

In 2013 I started as an NQT in a new-build academy in a largely young and adventurous English department. Much of my practice was shaped by my time there and one of the best creations which I have taken to other schools has been our ‘Progress Pack’. A somewhat gimmicky title coined by my HOD [...]

Word of the Week

We have been introducing to our students since the beginning of the year. It builds into our formative knowledge curriculum and the importance of explicitly teaching vocabulary exploration; as @Doug_Lemov describes it in 'Reading Reconsidered': “making a case study out of certain words and their application.” Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week [...]