Time to be brave

Ultimately I fell into teaching as I wasn’t ready to give up the study of literature and everyday I learn something new; about a text, an author, a student, a new approach and often about myself.

I have taught in a variety of schools up and down the UK and have taken my first foray into teaching abroad in the United Arab Emirates.  My subject is English but I have taught Drama, Media Studies and Social Studies. I have been a NQT Mentor and a member of Raising Achievement Teams in schools I have worked at. So far I have been Deputy Head of Department in two schools and overseen year groups and all that this encompasses. I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful departments and met some incredibly talented teachers, all of which have taught me something valuable.

I have a deep-rooted love of literature but really on reflection, I think I have a love of learning – something I certainly came to later in life. I hope I inspire this same passion in my students as everyday they teach me too which is really part of the everyday magic that is our profession.

For a long time I have been hugely inspired by #EduTwitter and teachers online who demonstrate such unending enthusiasm, support and guidance to one another that makes this little part of the internet a wonderful place. The resources so generously shared have taught me new ways of doing things or looking at a text and this blog is my opportunity to say ‘thank you’ and share resources in return.

This blog itself is a learning curve as it has been something I have wanted to do for more than a year but not quite been brave enough to do so. So this is me, sharing my love of learning and being brave.

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