World of Opportunities: UAE Innovators

  Research Task Your task is to research different Emirati innovators in a range of fields including electronics, literature, agriculture, aviation and space exploration! Record a video voiceover presentation based on the information from the table in your #NationalDay SparkVideo Answer the following questions based on your selected innovator: Name Other interests Personality Traits: What... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: What If

Read the poem below and record a voiceover or film yourselves speaking about what you think the main message of the poem is. In your recordings cover the following areas: Read the poem out loud Why is December 2nd, 1971 a significant date? What changes have taken place in the UAE since then? Have the... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: Founding Father

Active Mission: You can use the internet to look up any famous/inspirational quotes by the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed, regarding his hopes and aspirations for the UAE. Alternatively, visit Ms Husein and use the book below as part of your project. Select between 1-2 quotations to explore in more detail. Take... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: Culture and Identity

Active Mission: Look at the images below of items that represent a strong part of the UAE’s history, culture and identity. Film yourselves speaking about the images or film yourselves interviewing a parent/teacher about their expertise on the subject. In your interviews or voiceovers of images cover the following areas: Name of what you see... Continue Reading →

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