Frankenstein: Key Quotations by Theme

Nature and Settings “these sublime and magnificent scenes afforded” “the thunder burst with frightful loudness from various quarters”, “I never beheld anything so utterly destroyed” Ch.2 “my eyes were insensible to the charms of nature”, “I did not watch the blossom or the expanding leaves” Ch.4 “a divine spring; and the season contributed greatly to [...]

Frankenstein: The Importance of Procreation

Plan for thematic analysis of Procreation in Frankenstein with a comparison to The Handmaid's Tale. Creation of Life: Traditional parent and child imagery Gothic Doubling: Relationships tied together through birth and death as well as suicide Power: God and the Creator figure. Transgression of the moral, natural and social order in both texts Power: Agency [...]

Frankenstein: Homework Study Schedule

Frankenstein: Homework Study Schedule

The majority of reading materials will be contained in your critical pack; videos and podcasts available through your A-level playlist. Tick when completed and make sure you manage your workload – do not leave it all until the last minute. Whole A-level Playlist   Week 1: Read the background of the text in your critical [...]