A breakdown of the non-fiction text from the Edexcel English Language Non-Fiction Anthology, ‘Explorers or Boys Messing About? Either Way, the Taxpayer gets the Bill’ . Exploring GAPS, title analysis and exemplar written analysis on the major techniques, purpose and tone throughout. Useful for supporting student revision and embedding sound understanding of linguistic features within the text.

How does the writer convey his perspective in ‘Explorers, or boys messing about? Either way, the taxpayer gets the rescue bill’?

Explorers in movies like Indiana Jones are seen as heroes, praised for their ingenuity and valour. In writing this article, Steven Morris unveils the reality of ‘exploring’ in the modern day and strips the perception of explorers of its romantic ideal with his infantile subjects being Steve Brookes and Quentin Smith. The journalist uses language and structure effectively to ridicule his subjects’ lack of preparation and foolhardiness through his disparaging tone indicated from the outset in the title.

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