Frankenstein & Never Let Me Go Comparison

Frankenstein, a gothic fiction written between the Romantic era and the Enlightenment era by Mary Shelley in 1817.  Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, a subverted dystopian novel published in 2005, is set in an alternate England in the late 1990s. The natural world is highly valued by both Ishiguro and Shelley, as they both [...]

How is Nature presented in Romantic Poetry?

Exploring the role of Nature in the works of Romantic Poets William Blake and William Wordsworth. Nature is presented as an essential constituent within Romantic poetry, encompassing the intrinsic pastoral reverence of poets belonging to the Romantic movement. Both William Blake and William Wordsworth are avid disciples of the championing of the natural world and [...]

Essay Writing: References and Bibliography

Essay Writing: References and Bibliography

References When writing a longer essay for A-level which deals with multiple texts it is important to reference your quotations. This will help with the fluidity of your writing as you will not need to consistently re-introduce texts as you move between your sources and primary material. To do so in Microsoft Word, select the [...]