Othello: Knowledge Organiser

Download this Othello Knowledge Organiser with critical theory, intertextuality and context, and major Biblical allusions within the text. Key quotations for characters, useful epithets and Tier 2 Vocabulary.

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5 thoughts on “Othello: Knowledge Organiser

    1. Dear user, this is available for premium subscribers as highlighted. Please do subscribe for full access to content and downloads, enjoy!


      1. It says that Sales are currently off. This an accident, or just currently unable? Show me the way to subscribe to Premium, and I’m there!


  1. Any joy with this? Would really like to sign up and subscribe. Really like all the resources you are making and putting on the site here. I hope this is possible as it’d be great to see the other materials you have included.


    1. Dear User, I have been in contact with the web creators to raise your point. There is a bug they are currently fixing. In the meantime please do use the contact me option on the ‘About Me’ page and I can facilitate your request via email. Many thanks!


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