Unseen Poetry: Terminology

Important terminology for approaching the Edexcel iGCSE Unseen Poetry part of the exam. Arabic translations included for English Language Learners.


  Vocabulary   Definition
1 Simile التشبيه في علم بلاغة When something is compared to another using ‘like’ or ‘as’
2 Metaphor تشابه مستعار When something is compared to another through description as if it ‘is’ that thing
3 Personification تجسيد Giving something human characteristics
4 Pathetic Fallacy مغالطة للشفقة When weather or the environment reflects the mood of the text or characters
5 Repetition تكرار The deliberate inclusion of a word or phrase multiple times
6 Tone نغمة The feeling and mood that the text is presented in.
7 Abstract Noun اسما مجردا A noun demonstrating an idea or quality rather than a concrete object: love
8 Adjective الصفة Modifying a noun with more detail regarding amount and physical appearance
9 Verb الفعل Words indicating action
10 Adverb ظرف حال Modifying a verb with more detail regarding the intensity of an action
11 Refrain امتنع A phrase repeated in a poem often at the end of stanzas
12 Blank Verse آية فارغة Unrhymed text in iambic pentameter (beating of the heart)
13 Caesura انقطاع A deliberate break or pause within a line of poetry for emphasis
14 Free Verse شعر حر Unrhyming text with no regular rhythm
15 Enjambment   The continuation of a sentence over a line break
16 Sonnet السونيتة قصيدة من 14 بيتا A 14 line poem, traditionally about love, ending in a rhyming couplet
17 Ballad أغنية راقصة A narrative poem telling a story, usually meant to be sung or spoken out loud
18 Volta فولتا A turn, or sudden change, in thought, tone or direction in a poem
19 Meter متر The way of measuring the rhythm of a poem through stressed and unstressed syllables
20 Form شكل The overall structure of a poem and how this contributes to the meaning
21 Allusions التلميحات References to other literary works or events in history
22 Sibilance صفير Close repetition of ‘s’ sounds
23 Alliteration جناس Close repetition of a sound within a text
24 Assonance سجع Close repetition of a vowel sound: A, E, I, O, U
25 Consonance الإنسجام Close repetition of consonant sounds
26 Octave أوكتاف Eight line stanza
27 Sestet   Six line stanza
28 Quatrain الرباعية Four line stanza
29 Tercet مقطع ثلاثي في ​​الشعر Three line stanza
30 Strophe الأستروفية جزء من قصيدة A stanza of irregular line lengths

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