Edexcel Non-Fiction: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Important vocabulary for approaching the Edexcel iGCSE Non-Fiction unit. Arabic translations included for English Language Learners

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Vocabulary Translation Definition
1 Climax ذروة The point where tension and drama is at its highest in an extract
2 Exposition معرض Detailed description (of a setting) at the beginning of a narrative
3 Memoir مذكرات A ‘snapshot’ of one’s life experiences, it helps frame milestones in a person’s life
4 Travelogue فيلم عن رحلة A film, book or blog about the places visited by or experiences of a traveller.
5 Tension توتر Mental or emotional strain
6 Perspective انطباع A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.
7 Disparity تفاوت A great difference between two things
8 Apathy لامبالاة Lack of interest or enthusiasm
9 Trauma صدمة A deeply distressing or disturbing experience. This can be physical or emotional
10 Plight مأزق Continued suffering during a difficult experience
11 Certainty السياق Confident that something is true or will happen with a determination
12 Abyss هاوية Deep or seemingly bottomless chasm, hole, pit
13 Ruptured ممزق Break or burst suddenly and intensely
14 Grotesque تنافر Repulsively ugly and distorted
15 Slackly بإهمال Not taught or firm. Hanging limply and with a lifelessness
16 Wake استيقظ Tracks left behind by something travelling through a space
17 Relished استمتع Enjoyed immensely, savouring
18 Eternity خلود Lasting seemingly forever, unending
19 Volatile متطايرة Unpredictable, violent and changeable
20 Crescendo تراكم A progressive increase, or build up, of intensity.
21 Sedate رزين Calm and unhurried, almost sleepy
22 Staked راهن Placed a money bet, laid claim to the winnings
23 Despair يأس Complete loss or absence of hope. Feeling despondent and demoralised
24 Dichotomy تفرغ ثنائي Division or contrast between two things that are opposite or entirely different.
25 Uncouth غير مألوف Lacking in sophistication
26 Stereotypes الأفكار النمطية A widely held, fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person
27 Descend تنحدر Moving downwards
28 Adversity محنة Extreme difficulty, challenge and trauma to overcome
29 Ricochet شظية (A bullet or other projectile) rebounding off a surface.
30 Milestone معلمًا A significant stage or event in a person’s life.

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