Post-16: Virtual Tours and Open Days

Use the links below for a compendium of virtual tours and open days for universities around the world

British Curriculum

A-Z of UK Universities Virtual Tours

University of Cambridge Virtual Tour

University of Oxford Virtual Tour

Kings College London Campus Tours

Newcastle University Virtual Tours

Manchester Metropolitan Virtual Tour

Queen Mary Virtual Tour

American Curriculum

Harvard Virtual Tour

Columbia Virtual Tour

Stanford Virtual Tour

Northwestern Virtual Tour

NYU Virtual Tour

University of Pittsburgh Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours for all UC Campus

UAE Curriculum

UAEU 360 Virtual Tour

Ajman University Virtual Tour

University of Sharjah Virtual Tour

UAE & British Collaborations:

Dubai Heriot-Watt University Virtual Tour

Canadian Curriculum

University of Toronto Virtual Tour

McGill University Virtual Tour

Canadian Universities by Province

Around the World

IE University Segovia, Spain Virtual Tour

University of Melbourne Virtual Tour

Universiteit Leiden

University of Amsterdam Virtual Tour

TU Delft Campus Tour

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