Never Let Me Go: Key Quotations by Theme

Never Let Me Go: Key Quotations by Theme

Settings “A car was a rarity. And the sight of one in the distance was sometimes enough to cause bedlam during a class” p34 “Miss Emily…we probably recognised that it was her presence, intimidating thought it was, that made us feel so safe at Hailsham.” P39 “Normal people outside” p69 “One of the boys asked [...]

War Horse: Key Quotations by Theme

Key quotations for Michel Morpurgo’s War Horse broken down into key themes  to support independent learning. Horses in War Chapter 5 “The thunder and dust and the roar of men’s voices in my ears took a hold of me and held me at a pitch of exhilaration had never before experienced” “A Horse hasn’t got [...]

King Lear Quotations: Authority and Age

“This policy of age makes the world bitter to the best of our times, keeps our fortunes from us till our oldness cannot relish them” p118 “Tis the infirmity of his age; yet he hath ever but slenderly known himself” p115 “Such unconstant starts are we like to have from him” p115 “The King gone [...]

King Lear Quotations: Loyalty

“They told me I was everything; tis a lie” p236 “Of Gloucester’s treachery and the loyal service of his son [Edmund]” p.217  inversion of the truth and justice. Regan about Gloucester “Blind traitor” p229 Gloucester to Regan “Unmerciful lady as you are, I am true” p206 “Ancient love” p214 Goneril and Regan betrayal: We shall [...]

Presentation of Memory in Material and Effects ‘Poems of the Decade’ Anthology

Presentation of Memory in Material and Effects ‘Poems of the Decade’ Anthology

How is Memory presented in the Anthology Poems of the Decade?   Ros Barber’s ‘Material’ and Alan Jenkins ‘Effects’ both present memory through a speaker looking back on their childhood and their relationship with their parents; because each poem uses this mix of retrospection, introspection, and comparison with the present, their structure as well as [...]

Presentation of Age in ‘Poems of the Decade’ Anthology

Here is a scan of our class flipchart work comparing three poems from the 'Poems of the Decade' Forward Anthology. We consider the presentation of age in three poems: Easy Passage, To My Nine-Year Old Self and A Leisure Centre is a Temple of Learning*.                 *Please be [...]