King Lear Quotations: Loyalty

“They told me I was everything; tis a lie” p236

“Of Gloucester’s treachery and the loyal service of his son [Edmund]” p.217  inversion of the truth and justice.

Regan about Gloucester “Blind traitor” p229

Gloucester to Regan “Unmerciful lady as you are, I am true” p206

“Ancient love” p214

Goneril and Regan betrayal: We shall further think on’t. / We must do something, and I’ th’ heat.” P116

Kent: “A very honest hearted fellow and as poor as the king”

“Good Kent”

Cordelia: “No blown ambition doth our arms incite, but love, dear love and our aged father’s right” p227

Reconciliation Lear and Cordelia: “When thou dost ask me blessing, I’ll kneel down and ask of thee forgiveness; so we’ll live” poignant – tragedy bound to die.

Edmund forgives Edgar for killing him, an attempt at reconciliation “If thou beest noble, I do forgive thee”

“Pray now, forget and forgive” p250

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