Macbeth: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Subscriber Content Weekly vocabulary lists for William Shakespeare's Macbeth providing Tier 2 vocabulary for effective and sophisticated exploration of the text. Arabic translation of key vocabulary included for EAL students and word classes to encourage accurate word usage. Subscribe to get access Read more of this content when you subscribe today. Weekly vocabulary lists for [...]

ESL Resources by Topic: Living Cultures

ESL Resources by Topic: Living Cultures

PODCAST: ESL Aloud Guided instruction in speaking English for those learning English as a second language (ESL) Exam-style Writing Practice: Questions made in the style of the ESL Exam ESL Living Cultures - Writing Practice Art Galleries ESL Living Cultures - Writing Practice Music Festivals ESL Living Cultures Week 1 Vocabulary Quizizz ESL Living Cultures [...]

Purple Hibiscus: Tier 2 Vocabulary

  Vocabulary Definition 1 Penitent Feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds 2 Lineage Tracking of direct descent and ancestry usually for pedigree 3 Reverence A feeling of profound respect for someone or something 4 Benevolence Kind and fair with power 5 Disconsolately Grief-stricken loneliness 6 Indigenous Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native [...]