A-Level English Language: Individual Variation Accent & Dialect Wider Reading

Texts you may be interested in to explore further the concepts we are covering in class. Useful for stretching and challenging your understanding to a deeper level.

Beal, J. C. (2010). An Introduction to Regional Englishes: Dialect Variation in England. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Hughes, A., Trudgill, P. & Watt, D. (2012). English Accents and Dialects: An Introduction to Social and Regional Varieties of English in the British Isles (5th ed.). London: Hodder Education.

Llamas, C. & Watt, D. (2010, eds.). Language and Identities. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Dixon, J. A., Mahoney, B. & Cocks, R. (2002). ‘Accents of guilt?: Effects of regional accent, race, and crime type on attributions of guilt.’ Journal of Language and Social Psychology 21(2), 162-168

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