War Horse: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Tier 2 Vocabulary to support the teaching and learning of War Horse. Arabic translations are also included to support ESL and EAL students. Divided into groups of ten for weekly spelling and revision.

  Vocabulary Translation Definition
1 Conflict نزاع A clash or disagreement that often leads to damaged relationships or violence
2 Camaraderie   Bonds of friendship built over time from difficult situations
3 Heroism بطولة Great bravery and courage in adversity
4 Ambition طموح Desire and determination to achieve success.
5 Perspective إنطباع A point of view
6 Arrogance غطرسة Self-importance and an inflated sense of self-worth over others.
7 Anthropomorphism التجسيم To make an animal seem or behave as if they are human
8 Distrust عدم الثقة Lack of trust. Doubting the honesty or reliability of a person or statement
9 Placid هادئ Not easily upset; calm and centered
10 Obstinate عنيد Stubbornly refusing a course of action
11 Pride فخر A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements
12 Shame عار A painful feeling of humiliation caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour
13 Thoroughbred أصيل A pure breed horse, usually a race horse
14 Suffering معاناة The state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.
15 Desolate مهجور Sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned
16 Majestic مهيب Impressive beauty, controlled manner or grand in scale
17 Plight مأزق Suffering over an intense or difficulty period of time
18 Adversity محنة Extreme difficulty, challenge and trauma to overcome
19 Cruelty قسوة Behaviour that intentionally causes harm to others
20 Brutality وحشية Savage physical violence; great cruelty.
21 Contempt ازدراء Scorn or disrespect
22 Penitent تائب Feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds
23 Cavalry سلاح الفرسان A division of the army on horseback designed for speed and agility
24 Reverence تبجيل A feeling of profound respect for someone or something
25 Benevolence خير Kind and fair with power
26 Disconsolately بائس Grief-stricken loneliness
27 Encumbered المرهونه Loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load
28 Equestrian الفروسية Any pursuits linked to horses
29 Dejected مكتئب Low spirits, melancholy. Feelings of being defeated.
30 Wretched ردئ Very unhappy; full of misery
31 Abhor مقت-غضب شديد To hate something intensely
32 Innocence براءة Purity, lack of corruption or experience of the world
33 Experience تجربة Developing an understanding of the world through adversity or challenge
34 Awareness وعي Growing knowledge or perception of an issue
35 Cacophony تنافر النغمات Loud, jarring and discordant noises
36 Visceral الأحشاء Deep physical detail which is often graphic and can be violent
37 Tumultuous مشاغب Disorder, turbulent and chaotic
38 Prowess شجاعة Skill or expertise in a particular activity or field
39 Crescendo اوجّها-الذروة Dramatic build-up of tension and drama to a point of peak intensity
40 Inconsolable لا عزاء له Someone who cannot be comforted their grief is too deep

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