War Horse: Knowledge Organiser

War Horse: Knowledge Organiser

A War Horse Knowledge Organiser, based on Michael Morpurgo's novella, including key vocabulary available for download. Making our British curriculum more accessible for EAL and ESL students by embedding key vocabulary and knowledge into the curriculum planning to support their language acquisition. The Knowledge Organiser is structured into three key areas: context, content and concepts. [...]

War Horse: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Tier 2 Vocabulary to support the teaching and learning of War Horse. Arabic translations are also included to support ESL and EAL students. Divided into groups of ten for weekly spelling and revision.   Vocabulary Translation Definition 1 Conflict نزاع A clash or disagreement that often leads to damaged relationships or violence 2 Camaraderie   [...]

War Horse: Key Quotations by Character

Key quotations for Michel Morpurgo's War Horse broken down into key characters  to support independent learning. Albert Narracott “It was Albert of course who stayed with me most of the time” “Albert was always with me and so I was never afraid of the guns any more” Albert’s Father: Ted Narracott Chapter 3 “I think [...]