Of Mice and Men: Tier 2 Vocabulary

Tier 2 Vocabulary to support the teaching and learning of Great Expectations to English Language Learners. Arabic translations included to support ESL and EAL students. Divided into groups of ten for weekly spelling and revision.

  Vocabulary Translation Definition
1 Emerge (v.) يظهر Come out into view
2 Companion (n.) رفيق A friend
3 Despair (n & v.) اليأس-ييأس When all hope is lost – to be upset
4 Mimic (v.) يقلد To copy something or someone
5 Anguish (n.) الكرب To be distressed or in pain
6 Plead (v.) يدافع To beg for something
7 Reassure (v.) يطمإن To tell someone that everything will be ok
8 Basin (n.) حوض A bowl shaped item or the bottom part of something (The basin of the woods)
9 Contorted (adj.) ملتوية To be twisted in anger of violence
10 Authority (ab n.) السلطة To have the power to give orders or make decisions
11 Reprimand (n.) التوبيخ A formal (or public) expression of disapproval at a wrongdoing
12 Creep (v.) يزحف Move slowly to avoid notice
13 Condescend (v.) يحتقر Belief that you are superior to another and treating them so
14 Apprehension (n.) الخوف والحذر To be fearful of what is to come next
15 Conceal (v.) يخفي To prevent others from seeing or discovering something
16 Retire (v.) يتقاعد To withdraw from participating in something
17 Woe (n.) وا أسفاه Feeling of sadness, misery and worry
18 Console (v.) يدعمه معنويًا Give emotional support to someone
19 Hover (v.) يتهكّم To hang around someone, usually in a threatening way
20 Confide (v.) يخبر سرًا To tell someone in private
21 Discontent (ab n.) السخط When you want something better for yourself
22 Poverty (ab n.) الفقر Not having the essentials needed to live a happy life
23 Prejudice (ab n.) تحامُل Judging people negatively based on stereotype
24 Opportunity فرصة The chance to do something
25 Migrant (n.) مهاجر A person who travels from one place to another to find work
26 Suspicious مشبوه doubtful/unsure/distrust
27 Depression (ab n.) الاكتئاب Extreme sadness as well as years of great suffering in America
28 Cruel (adj.) قاسية To be extremely mean to someone or something
29 Dream حلم Your hopes and aspirations for the future
30 Stereotype (ab n.) الصورة النمطية A fixed idea about someone or something
31 Compassion (ab n.) الرحمة Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings of others
32 Impressive محرج Admiration for something that is skilful, quality or grand
33 Meagre  (adj.) ضئيل A tiny amount
34 Writhed (v.) شرير To twist your body in pain or anger
35 Settle (v.) تسوية Resolve an argument or to be at peace
36 Persuasive (adj.) مقنعة Good at getting people to do what you want
37 Gravity (ab n.) الجاذبية Extreme importance
38 Hung (v.) التعلق To be held up by a piece of rope
39 Hesitate (v.) يتردد Pause in indecision making
40 Mercy (ab n.) الرحمة Forgiveness when you have the power to punish someone

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