Post-16 Support: American Curriculum

A compendium of useful links to help you on your journey through Post-16, applying for Universities in America and the steps you need to take.

Post-16 Support: US Essay Writing Guidance

Applying for Universities in America

Rankings for American Universities

List of Member Institutions for Coalition App

Required IELTS for American Universities

College Board: SATs

Princeton Review: MCAT Exams

Early Action & Early Decision: Understanding your Choices

List of Early Action Schools

College Application Deadlines

Steps to Take:

  1. Prepare and take your SAT/ACTs. Check out the Test Dates here as these are very early in the academic year.
  2. Ask for letters o f recommendation. Your teachers and counselor (me) will need a month or so to prepare these. To be completely prepared you should probably make both your tutor and your counselor aware of this at the end of your Year 12 year.
  3. Begin writing your college essays, I would recommend working on this over the summer as well to share a first draft with your tutor in the new year.
  4. Ensure that you have left enough time in October for proofing your essays and adding your extracurriculars ready for the November deadlines.

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