ESL Resources by Topic: Sport and Leisure

Sport & Leisure

English as a Second Language: Extreme Sports Homework Study Schedule

Reading Skills:

Sport Results
When you hear the final whistle
Holiday changed my life

Ready to Write 3 p. 181

Test Your Reading
Holiday Brochure p. 52

National Geographic Close-up Student Book C1
Sports Crazy p. 121-132

What a World 2
Unit 2 Fattening Rooms p. 8
Unit 12 Sumo Wrestling p. 85
Unit 16 Williams Sisters p. 114


Writing Skills:

Oxford Word Skills
Leisure and Lifestyle p. 61

Target Vocabulary 3
Section 1 – People p. 3-29


Speaking and Listening Skills:

ESL iGCSE Coursebook  Legacy Listening Files
Chapter 1: 01, 02, 03, 04
Chapter 3: 08,
Chapter 5: 11,
Chapter 9: 24,
Chapter 13: 38, 39,

ESL iGCSE Course book (9-1)
Games p. 87

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