Purple Hibiscus: Tier 2 Vocabulary

  Vocabulary Definition 1 Penitent Feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds 2 Lineage Tracking of direct descent and ancestry usually for pedigree 3 Reverence A feeling of profound respect for someone or something 4 Benevolence Kind and fair with power 5 Disconsolately Grief-stricken loneliness 6 Indigenous Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native... Continue Reading →

King Lear Quotations: Loyalty

“They told me I was everything; tis a lie” p236 “Of Gloucester’s treachery and the loyal service of his son [Edmund]” p.217  inversion of the truth and justice. Regan about Gloucester “Blind traitor” p229 Gloucester to Regan “Unmerciful lady as you are, I am true” p206 “Ancient love” p214 Goneril and Regan betrayal: We shall... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the UAE: Picture Hunt

Photo treasure hunt: How many of the following items can you find on National Day? As you piece together your picture puzzles, consider what roles do these items play in Emirati culture then and now? What do they symbolise? Remember, if you would like to include photos of others in your SparkVideo make sure you... Continue Reading →

Universe in Motion: Innovative Interviews

Interview Task Create an interview with a member of staff or another student (innovators) What Emirati innovations or innovators do you admire?   Potential questions and prompts for your SparkVideos: Good morning, we are joined by... Can you please state your role in the school? How long have you been living in the UAE? During that... Continue Reading →

Universe in Motion: Expo 2020

Look at the megastructures being built at the moment. Record a video or voiceover presentation based on your research into Expo 2020 or buildings in the UAE for your #NationalDay SparkVideo. In your video consider the following criteria for your production: Briefly explain the Expo and megastructures How will it change people’s lives or futures?... Continue Reading →

World of Opportunities: Innovations in the UAE

Research Task Your task is to research different Emirati innovators in a range of fields including electronics, literature, agriculture, science, aviation and space exploration! Record a video voiceover presentation based on the information from the table in your #NationalDay SparkVideo In your video consider the following criteria for your production: Briefly explain the innovation How... Continue Reading →

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